Kind of Love


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A 6 track EP about the kinds of Love we experience,,, Love is a complex idea, and has many shapes, and is expressed in many ways. It can be betrayed, held onto, let go of, given, taken away, grown, destroyed, go unnoticed, and so on,,,


released January 1, 2017

Tracked and engineered in the Princess Room at DONCAT Headquarters, San Francisco. 'Diana' engineered by Chris Sugiura at El Studio, additional engineering by Alex Swain, Saxophone by Dylan Haas, Mastered by Alex Swain in SF. All other instrumentation and performances by DONCAT.



all rights reserved


DONCAT San Francisco, California

DONCAT - (Duncan Nielsen) is a San Francisco based musician and songwriter with a penchant for rock, soul and folk stylings - he draws from the deep history of California counter-culture music. His songs discuss both the hope and uncertainty of the American dream in kaleidoscopic cynicism. New EP 'Kind of Love' out now.

Visit him at Twitter and Instagram @DonCatMusic
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Track Name: Close Hand
If I said I wasn't with someone else
It would be hard for you to tell what's true
I play a close hand even with the ones I love
I look into your eyes and say these words to you
Oh my love don't worry about a thing
Why would I spend my time by your side
It's not a hidden thing
this old and broken dream
It's a horse to ride through the night

Cause there will always be someone else
Where do your eyes fall
What do they gaze upon
Do not keep your love high on a shelf
Cause it may haunt you until the winding bitter end

Old man have your arrived
Or is wandering an old forgotten game
On the table is plenty of bread
Does it make up for the cards you could have played
Track Name: Light in You
There was a light in you
There was a choir
It used to sing so loud
Now it seems so quiet
You were the restless child
You were the restless child, lead us into the wild

And as you lay there well I didn't know what to do
It was easy to feel like I'd abandoned you

I can't forget it
I couldn't if I tried
It's too hard to let it go, too late to apologize
My mind won't see it
Any differently
As time passes by there are only pieces of you and me

And as I lay there I didn't have a clue
It was easy to see that I'd abandoned you

I can't forget it
I couldn't if I tried
It's too hard to let it go, too late to apologize
My mind won't see it any other way
As time passes by there are only pieces of what we said
Track Name: Tail Off
I looked across
A black and empty sea
My eyes fell upon a face I'd never seen
It was staring back at me

And as I looked back
A glass in my hand
I struggled to find
Words that could last
My chance was falling fast

I wrote it in pen
Sent it out in the waves
It's all I had in me
Sail onto the bay, sail on the bay
Track Name: Diana
When I was a young man I was a tumbleweed
Passed up a million things I didn't need
Then I met Diana she was a west coast queen
Every time she smiled she was my everything

She said hello to me
Asked me where to get some coffee
Asked me if I liked to read
Would I read her mind at her house
Underneath the sheets

Sometimes I wonder if we'd met at all
In everyone I meet I see her smile
Did I know Diana she was a west coast queen
As fast as she came she went away
Track Name: Smoke
I'm taking in the news today
And though it's hard to see who am I to complain
Bombs in every country and we're all insane
I guess that's just history
But you don't have to remind me

Death is pulling out my seams
Sitting next to me taking notes from the TV
Won't let me forget the deal we made to be here everyday
Cause we're friends until the end
He don't have to remind me

I haven't got a master plan
I'm not selfish just too tired to give a damn
If I gave you all my love till it rains fire from above
Don't let my gravestone go lonely
And you won't have to remind me
Track Name: When I Call You
If I called more often I'd be able to tell the difference
Between the words you're saying and what you really mean
We lived together for awhile and I thought I knew you then
But we were only children it was hard to stay friends

You went to school in Colorado and I stayed there for a few days
Your roommate was out having fun with alcohol
To you it never made sense taking drugs to be loved out in the wild
If it became hard to love me I would understand
Just a few years later I was an animal like them

I spent the fall in Europe while you were back out on the west coast
Writing songs on a broken piano listening to Giorgio
Biarritz was charming it was a lot like California
And as I stared out at the sea each mile meant everything